Forbes Solutions Sdn Bhd

Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd is a complete fabrication, construction, engineering services, software development and IT infrastructure owned by Malaysian Bumiputra company founded on 11th December 2012

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Civil & Structure

What We Provide

Forbes Solution can serve as a single source to provide and coordinate the architectural, engineering and other consulting services required to successfully develop the client’s project.

Forbes Solution provides advisory services in ascertaining owner’s objectives, briefing and constraints for the project and advising client on how to achieve the objectives. Inspecting and advising client on the selection and suitability of proposed sites, conducting or taking part in negotiations connected therewith, taking levels and preparing measured drawings, plans of the site, sites and buildings or existing buildings and preparing and refining the brief.

Forbes Solution will also advise client on the need for the geo technical, civil, structural, mechanical or electrical, quantity surveying or other specialist consultant’s services.

The client will receive advice on the resident site staff required for the project and estimating the cost of their employment and the duration of their employment.

Forbes Solution has a commitment of meeting project schedule and budgets. We also maintain a complete professional library of the latest design and construction techniques.


Forbes Solution offers design-build service of the structural steel construction which provides with more efficient process that improves both time and cost effective, as well as delivers more informed decision making process. The services includes structural engineering, detailing, procurement, site preparation, fabrication and erection.

Forbes Solution has the in-house capabilities to respond on client needs and to any challenges that may rise, keeping projects on track and on schedule. Forbes Solution has a commitment on meeting project schedule and budgets. We also provide a complete professional library of the latest design and construction techniques.