Forbes Solutions Sdn Bhd

Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd is a complete fabrication, construction, engineering services, software development and IT infrastructure owned by Malaysian Bumiputra company founded on 11th December 2012

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What We Provide

Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company, which provides agency and underwater services such as underwater maintenance, repair, inspection and agency services for local companies. We are committed to providing the best service to the highest standards with our motto “ACHIEVING SUCCESS UNDER PRESSURE”. Our extensive experience ensures innovative, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions for underwater complications and direct supervision. We believe that we can aid any marine project, large or small. We are committed to provide excellent results in all diving work through our highly trained personnel which boasts 10 years of experience in underwater services. Combined with the latest innovations in technology, we guarantee precision and the highest quality of services to our customers.

Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd Services is committed to:

Underwater Services

The details of our services include:

  • Installing and Inspection of Gates, Strainers, Pumps, Flanges and Filters
  • Sand Bagging, Concreting and Grouting
  • Submarine Cable Laying & Burial
  • Pipeline Laying & Burial
  • Air Lifting, Grit Blasting, Hydro-Jetting
  • Air and Hydraulic Powered Tools
  • Break Water and Intake Cleaning
  • Pre-Fabricated Harbor Constructed System
  • Block Setting, Placing of Rock Armor
  • Search and Recovery of Lost Equipment
  • Using of Underwater Metal Detector (Magnetometer)
  • Installation of Inshore Mooring Systems
  • Video Surveys Using Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) System
  • Cutting Submerged Vessels Using Underwater Oxy-Arch Cutting (BROCO)
  • Underwater Welding (Sub-Sea Installations and Hulls)
  • Flotation and Lifting Sinking and Super-Merged Objects and Wrecks Using Air Bags,
  • Pontoons, Underwater Oxy-Arch Cutting (BROCO) etc.
  • Excavation Seabed and Pipeline Weight Coat Removal for Sonoma Tic Inspection Using
  • Hydraulic Jack Hammer, High Pressure Water Jet, Air Lift and Grit Blasting.
  • Jack Up Barges and Rigs Leg Check, Penetration Measurements, Leg Prepare,
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding on Site, Cleaning, Inspection, Etc.
  • Mooring Buoys Maintenance Installing and Repair Under and Above Water Using Oxy-
  • Acetylene And BROCO, Welding, Grinding, Brushing, Painting, etc.
  • Anchor Handling Operations Including Anchors and Dead Weights Shifting, Relocations and Repair.
  • Subsea Inspection for Harbor Jetties Including Piles, Concrete Installation, Steel
  • Reinforcements, Alignment and Misalignment, Video, Photos, C.P. Readings etc.
  • Debris Cleaning
Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd Asset
  • Full Commercial Diving Spread
  • Decompression Chamber
  • High Pressure Compressors
  • Low Pressure Compressors
  • Air Banks
  • Diving Radios (Amcom III & Amron)
  • Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets 17,18
  • JIC End Fitting Diving Umbilical (170,100,50 Meter Long)
  • Diving Harnesses & Diving Ladder
  • Bail Out Cylinders (10 Liter Each)
  • Scuba Cylinders ( 12 Liter Each )
  • Scuba Diving Gears Complete
  • Loud Speaker Amplifier
  • Closed Circuit TV Hat Mounted Camera (CCTV System)
  • Air Diving Panel and Scuba Replacement
  • Pulley, Diver Recovery Tackle
  • Personal Diving Gears (Fins, Suits, Knives, Etc.)
  • Diving Spars, Fittings
  • Subsea Construction Equipment
  • Under Water High Pressure Water Jet
  • Hydraulic Jack Hammer
  • Vacuum Low Pressure Air Lift
  • Under Water Grit Blasting
  • Under Water Cutting/ Welding Gears (Broco)
  • Air Bags & Pontoons
  • Deck Equipment
  • Fresh Water H.P Jet Washing Machine (350 PSI)
  • Oxy/ Acetylene