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Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd is a complete fabrication, construction, engineering services, software development and IT infrastructure owned by Malaysian Bumiputra company founded on 11th December 2012

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NDT Inspection

What We Provide

Forbes Solution utilizes NDT techniques to fulfill the vital inputs necessary for integrity assessment. NDT techniques are used to preserve the quality of newly fabricated materials or existing structures to prevent damage thus avoiding unnecessary risk and minimize operation down time.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging​
Test technique for measuring the thickness of a material from one side. It is fast, reliable, and versatile, and unlike a micrometer or caliper it requires access to only one side of the test piece
Dye Penetrant Inspection
Used to locate surface breaking flaws such as cracks, porosity, laps, seams and other surface discontinuities. Applicable to ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and all non-porous materials.
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Detect surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and some of their alloys and is primarily used for crack detection
3D Laser Scanning
Non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. 3D laser scanners create “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation
Ultrasonic Concrete Testing
Applied for testing constructions of concrete, reinforced concrete and stone with one-side access. With it user can estimate integrity of material, locate inclusions, cavities, voids, laminations, misruns and cracks and measure thickness. Thickness of concrete objects can be up to 2.5 meters
Automated Scanner Flaw Detector
Applicable for automatic flaws search in the metal pipe’s walls of 720 – 1420 mm in diameter and with thickness starting from 6 mm. able to successfully detect both types of flaws: stress-corrosion flaws and other surface or internal flaws of the pipe.
Tank & Vessel Visual Inspection
Compact, portable inspection system loaded with features to inspect tanks, vessels, drums, piping and other large confine spaces. Coupled with a low-lux, high resolution CCD imager, zoom optics, continuous pan rotation and 2700 tilt, this sub-4” camera provides excellent quality images with which well-informed decisions can be made