Forbes Solutions Sdn Bhd

Forbes Solution Sdn Bhd is a complete fabrication, construction, engineering services, software development and IT infrastructure owned by Malaysian Bumiputra company founded on 11th December 2012

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Post Trenching

What We Provide

Forbes Solution provides feasible yet cost effective post trenching services for subsea cable, flexible pipeline, HDPE pipe and rigid pipeline. Post Trenching total solutions provided by Forbes Solution is by means of water jetting is by utilizing high pressurized water produced by trencher nozzle which fluidizes the soil beneath the pipeline or cable and transported behind the trencher. As water pressure decreases within the water/spoil mix, the sediment will resettle over the pipeline/cable and create nominally 100% backfiling.

In order to deliver a cost effective post trenching service without compromising client needs on design specification, Forbes Solution has worked closely with overseas partner from Norway since 2011. We provide full support for engineering, installation and construction for post trenching services in Malaysia. Our service will guarantee the client an efficient and cost effective post trenching solution with similar results to currently available high cost post trenching solutions.